(SSR-005) Violet Ultraviolet - Pop City LP - DIGITAL ONLY


(SSR-005) Violet Ultraviolet - Pop City LP - DIGITAL ONLY



Release Date: June 17th, 2016

Jake Brennan's music exemplifies singer-songwriter artistry and the pure translation of experience into melody. Open tunings, along with a mix of delicate finger-picking and confident strumming, lend his guitar style a warm resonance that complements his lyrics, which are by turns literary, conversational, imagistic, and confessional. Even when inspired by fiction or written from the perspective of others who've crossed or shared his path, Brennan's songs feel intensely personal and unique to him. Fans of Neil Young will find much to admire about his emotive vocals.   

While Pop City is just a small fraction of Brennan's catalogue of original material, it's a dense, demonstrative slice of what-all he can do. Brennan can easily hold his own as an acoustic solo performer, but here he builds upon that formidable foundation by blending acoustic and electric 6-strings in a way that is totally beautiful without being precious. These elements combine with layers of overdubbed vocals and the occasional synth to envelope and wash over the listener with every track. As the album's title might suggest, Brennan embraces pop aesthetics, but he does so without ever falling prey to them. Guitars shimmer in "Schizophrenia," a vicarious and sensitive portrait of madness, while the sound is a shadowy echo in the steady vocal intensity of "Lemongrove," the album's haunting, gritty closer. "Avalanche" evokes a Tunnel of Love-era Bruce Springsteen with Knopfleresque guitar riffs and sparse, meditative percussion. All of these songs display Brennan's gift for juxtaposing bright and dark, high and low, accessible and obscure. “

Violet Ultraviolet has been the vehicle for songwriter Jake Brennan since 2012. Starting as a recording project between Brennan and collaborator Rob Voland, the project continues to evolve through changing line-ups and recording partners. The new album Pop City is the impressive result of a two year recording project between Brennan and Ryan Power


  • 1. Stroke Of Good Fortune
  • 2. Pop City
  • 3. Schizophrenia
  • 4. Wetter
  • 5. Avalanche
  • 6. Phones
  • 7. Hysterical
  • 8. Low Tide
  • 9. Shot In The Dark
  • 10. Lemongrove
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