(SSR-004) Wren Kitz - For Evelyn - DIGITAL ONLY


(SSR-004) Wren Kitz - For Evelyn - DIGITAL ONLY



Release Date: February, 12th, 2016

"Across a field there is a body. The head is covered with a paper bag. You call out to it. The body sways.

The Music of Wren Kitz is contained in a capsule. Its intention to trigger the dream vein uncovers layers of nostalgia and visuals. Combining his song writing with samplings from his large found sound cassette library, Wren gives us a look into his melancholic and intriguing world of song.

The newest solo effort - ‘For Evelyn’ - was recorded between Burlington, VT and Montreal, QC in the summer time. Partially recorded by Wren to cassette in the back shed in VT and partially recorded at Pietro Chango Studio with The Luyas in Montreal. The collection of songs covers a vast terrain but flows fragile through the dream vein like a long lost letter to a friend…"

Digital Track Listing-

1. For Evelyn

2. Hall of Lame

3. Bags

4. Woodshedding

5. Is This Dreaming Now

6. Canyon

7. As Glass

8. Siddhartha

9. Kids

10. Doris

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