Vermont duo Pours — Bryan Parmelee and ex-Man Man bassist Christopher Shar — practice electronic music as atmosphere, crafting billowy, beautiful songs that glide and hover. Case in point, “Boomcan,” from their forthcoming debut album. Synths rustle like lace curtains in a cool breeze, and Parmalee’s voice is distant and whispery, a shadow passing over a snowbank in the early morning. The combined effect is lovely — part elegy, part lullaby.
— Wondering Sound



Pours is a Burlington, VT-based moody psychedelic duo comprised of Bryan Parmelee and Christopher Shar. By combining abstract electronic textures with heavy rhythms and hypnotic melodies they create music that is as sonically diverse as it is accessible, and large enough sounding to be mistaken for more than just a duo.

After years of extensive touring playing bass with Philadelphia art-rockers Man Man and later Santigold, Shar relocated to Burlington and began focusing on drums, where he would eventually meet and join forces with fellow VT transplant, Parmelee. After a few years of playing shows, recording demos, and refining their sound, Pours is preparing to release their self-titled debut LP, an ambitious and sprawling collection of tones and moods brilliantly blended into dense psychedelic tunes anchored with strong pop sensibilities.